Sun HPC News Quarterly

The latest edition of Sun HPC News Quarterly is out.
Feature Stories:
* Jonathan Schwartz on Sun’s HPC Strategy
* Sun rolls out Niagra 2: World’s Fastest Commodity
* Interview with Bill Vass of Sun Federal Talking
About Sun’s Three Chip Strategy
* Sun’s Project Blackbox Tested in Earthquake Lab
* HPC: Accelerating the Competitive Edge. Bjorn
Andersson walks through what HPC is, and why
it is important
* Sun Constellation System: HPC for Weather
Forecasting and Climate Modeling
* Sun Rolls out Blade Scalable Units for HPC
* HPC Talks Online from Dresden June 2007
* Multithreading Defined and Which Sun Products
and Technologies Have it
* Grid computing can power your business
* Sun Releases Solaris Cluster Source Code
* Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Offers Resource Quotas,
Boolean Expressions
* New Sun HPC System at Clemson University For
Vehicle Aerodynamics and Structural Analysis
Price Reductions and Promotions
* Get three Sun Fire X4600 servers for the price
of two.
* Power Up and Go – Save space and power and get
25% off a Sun Blade Starter Kit
* Sun Grid Engine Workshop; Regensburg, Germany
September 10-12, 2007
* IB Low Latency Tech Forum; San Francisco
September 17, 2007
* IEEE Cluster 2007; Austin, TX
September 17-20, 2007
* SEG Society of Exploration Geophysicists;
San Antonio, TX, September 23-28
* IDC HPC User Forum; Santa Fe, NM
September 25-27, 2007
* Grid 2007: 8th Annual IEEE/ACM International Conference
on Grid Computing;
Austin, TX; September 19-21, 2007
* SC07: Supercomputing 2007;
Reno, NV; November 10-16, 2007
* EGEE 2007: Enabling Grids for E-Science
Budapest, Hungary; October 1-5, 2007
* GridNets 2007: First International Conference on
Networks for Grid Applications
Lyons, France; October 17-19, 2007
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