Parallel programming environments: less is more

Intel’s Tim Mattson argues that the single most important paper for programming language designers to read came out in 2000. When Choice is Demotivating: Can One Desire too Much of a Good Thing? wasn’t written by a computer scientist, mathematician, or physical scientist. It was written by a couple professors studying social psychology:
“So what is the situation today with multi-core processors? A software vendor walks up to “our display.” We show them our nice hardware with its many cores and we tell them they will need to convert their software so that it will scale. And then we show them the parallel programming environments they can work with: MPI, OpenMP, Ct, HPF, TBB, Erlang, Shmemm, Portals, ZPL, BSP, CHARM++, Cilk, Co-array Fortran, PVM, Pthreads, windows threads, Tstreams, GA, Java, UPC, Titanium, Parlog, NESL,Split-C … and the list goes on and on. If we aren’t careful, the result could very well be a “choice overload” experience with softwre vendors running away in frustration.” Full Story


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