HPC Webinar for Insurance Companies: Dec. 13

As demoed in the AMD exhibit at SC07, new grid solutions offer insurance companies competitive advantage.
Four leading companies in high performance computing (HPC), with insurance industry expertise, are offering an Insurance Enterprise Acceleration Webinar at 10 a.m. (CST) on Thursday, Dec. 13, to demonstrate how open source grid or cluster systems can accelerate insurance industry IT processing.
Experts from Sun Microsystems, AMD, Univa UD and Diamond Consulting will participate in the 45 minute Web session, which addresses how insurance-specific computing challenges in the areas of enterprise risk management and predictive modeling can be met with state-of-the-art open source products.
“Faced with a range of IT challenges, many insurance companies are turning to grid and cluster technology, but they find existing proprietary products arduous to implement and too expensive to operate and maintain,” says Dr. Carl Kesselman of Univa UD, recognized globally as a father of grid computing. “The answer to this conundrum is to leverage open source grid and cluster solutions that provide more productive and far less costly ways to accelerate an insurer’s ability to data-mine for claims, run historical data and perform greater complex calculative analyses for alternative rates.” Full Story and Registration link


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