Top 10 storage predictions for 2008

IT managers looking to boost storage efficiency next year will embrace online storage services, push de-duplication in the data center and adopt solid-state disk drives to help fuel hardware consolidation strategies and green initiatives, according to IDC’s top 10 storage predictions for 2008.
“The top 10 storage industry predictions by the Framingham, Mass.-based market research company expected to arrive in 2008 include:
1. Storage services models for data backup, archiving and replication will be more appealing to businesses.
2. New role-based storage systems will demand tighter integration between the storage layer and content-generating applications.
3. Vendors will build object-based storage systems to classify data and add policies closer to the point of creation.
4. Falling prices of solid-state disk drives will push mainstream adoption.
5. Virtual servers will become an ideal conduit for iSCSI.
6. Value-added storage services will become nontethered from storage infrastructure.
7. Full-disk encryption will be prevalent in the data center to satisfy compliance and safe harbor provision rules.
8. Offerings designed for small and midsize businesses featuring integrated storage and server technology will flood the storage market.
9. Green storage initiatives will cause companies to seek nondisruptive/partial hardware upgrades.
10. De-duplication, thin provisioning and virtual tape libraries will be in demand because of power saving efforts in the data center.” Full Story

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