Acumem Looks to Unleash Multicore

HPC Wire has a story on Acumem, a two-year-old Swedish company that has released a new performance analyzer specifically developed to help programmers achieve good cache utilization and optimize memory access. The technology is based on work done by Sun’s former chief architect for high-end servers, Erik Hagersten, and his research team at Uppsala University.
“Called SlowSpotter, the Acumem tool illuminates “slow spots” in an application and points the developer to the offending source code or data structures. Up until now, performance analysis tools relied on hardware counters, and typically only revealed where a lot of cache misses were occurring — so called hot spots. It was left up to the programmer to figure out what to do with that information. SlowSpotter actually finds the problematic source and suggests ways to tweak the code to optimize performance. Better yet, it ranks the problem areas in the code according to their potential for performance improvement.” Full Story
Ed. Note: Acumem will be presenting at the Sun HPC Consortium in Dresden, Germany on June 17.


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