NEW! SAM-QFS BoF Session at ISC’08 in Dresden, June 18

Sun Microsystems invites you to a special Birds of a Feather (Bof) on Intelligent Storage with SAM-QFS to be held in conjunction with the ISC’08 on June 18 in Dresden, Germany.
Date: Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Time: 3:00 – 4:00 pm
International Congress Center Dresden, Seminar Room 1, Level 2

Ostra-Ufer 2
01067 Dresden
Sun StorageTek QFS or Sun StorageTek SAM (Storage Archive Manage) users and others interested in Solaris shared file systems with integrated data management technologies are invited to attend this BoF.
Meet other SAM-QFS users. Share your experiences and ideas about shared file systems and data storage. Learn how object storage will impact how data is shared and managed in the future. Learn how these innovative technologies are being developed to solve some the biggest data storage problems experienced by HPC users. Meet Harriet Coverston, Sun DE and architect of Sun’s Solaris distributed file system, the only shared file system offered by Sun with tightly integrated data management based on the innovative Storage Archive Manager (SAM) technology. If you are struggling with backup, learn how SAM changes the paradigm of traditional backup. Learn how time-based archiving can automatically and continuously protect data with SAM policy management and dynamic placement of data across tiers of storage saving you money. If your application requires streaming I/O, learn how QFS can deliver data at near raw speeds or distribute content in web based applications. If you are a Lustre user, learn how SAM-QFS provides data protection for Sun’s HPC Solutions In the BOF, you will learn about object-based storage, the project to horizontally scale Shared QFS up to thousands of nodes. Learn about all the high availability features in our next release and learn about our improved metadata performance.
This meeting is open to all ISC attendees. An ISC registration badge is required to enter the International Congress Center, so be sure to register today!


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FlexRex began his life as a cartoon character I created a Sun Microsystems. As the world's first "fictional blogger," he appeared in numerous parody films that made fun of the whole work-from-home thing. Somewhere along the line, the Sun IT department adopted FlexRex as their spokesman in a half-dozen security awareness films for employees. So when I left Sun recently, I started FlexRex Communications, a Marketing company in Portland, Oregon.

One Response to NEW! SAM-QFS BoF Session at ISC’08 in Dresden, June 18

  1. Chris Wood says:

    Also attending from SUN will be:
    Chris Wood, CTO Storage and Data Management Practice and Germany’s own native son Dirk Nitschke, who has forgotten more about SAM-QFS than most of us have ever known. Should be a very interesting BOF. I encourage you to come.
    We will be chatting about the new T10 Object standard and iSER protocols over IB. Think performance and bandwidth scale 2 orders of magnitude.

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