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In this video, Philippe Trautmann presents on the Sun European HPC Community. Sun’s HPC European efforts start at the Executive Briefing Center and Solution Center based at Linlithgow, UK. Staffed by HPC experts, customers can learn all about the latest, innovative Sun technology used in HPC solutions, do proof of concept builds and run benchmarks.
More information on this solution center is at:
Sun also has considerable HPC engineering expertise in Europe.
Two key software components of the Sun HPC Cluster Portfolio have engineering centers based in Germany. The Sun Grid Engine team develop and maintain one of the worlds leading distributed resource management software, is based in Regensburg, Germany. Another engineering team is based all over the world with centers in the UK, Portugal and France, with the core architecture team based in Moscow, Russia, develop Lustre, the worlds leading high performance parallel file system.
Yet another engineering team, based in Oslo, Norway, developed the world record breaking Sun Data Center Switch 3456, the worlds largest InfinBand switch, which is deployed at customers requiring very large clusters, such as TACC and DLR Case.
Sun also has strong relationships with major european based systems integrators such as NEC and Bull who deliver HPC solutions based on Sun’s technologies. Sun also partners with many smaller integrators such as Streamline in the UK, Gridcore in Sweden and T-Systems in Germany.
Together these assets enable Sun to deliver game changing HPC solutions throughout Europe. Full Story


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