The 15-petabyte network behind the Cern atom smasher

When CERN powers up the Large Hadron Collider in August, an unprecedented network of researchers and computing power will be ready to process legions of data:
“The Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid (LCG), a super high bandwidth network, will channel about 15 petabytes – 15 million gigabytes – of data from the LHC to about 5,000 scientists in 500 institutions every year for at least 10 years. The particle accelerator will smash sub-atomic particles, protons, into each other at 99 per cent of the speed of light, spraying huge amounts of energy and particles into its detectors. The LCG will allow researchers to tap into the distributed processing power of almost 100,000 CPUs, crunching through vast amounts of data from the detectors and speeding their hunt for clues about the fundamental nature of the universe.” Full Story


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  1. Robert I. Marsh II says:

    CERN LHC, plans to first start off with lower 2008 energy-packet pulses, after the initial ‘ring tests’ of the Cryonic Superconductivity Magnetic Dipoles, that keeps the beams on-track! Next, they plan to increase the pulse patterns, and proton beam acceleration. The 2008 tests, including first proton beam impacts, are at lower energy-packet levels, as the schedule revealed in June, for the now August initial testing. If all goes well, and as soon as they increment upto 99.999% the speed of light for further safety tests, they plan for the first major collisions; so they are trying to be careful! All of this has been scheduled for October 2008, but still at lower energy magnitude. There shall be a slow-down ‘break’ in operations, until they re-start in early 2009. These experiments will be approaching, if not at, the ‘real’ full-power capabilities, if all goes well to this point! ALICE & ATLAS are in the theatre wings, preparing to come on line, in an advance 24/7 work schedule, at this time! ALICE & ATLAS are various types of particle collision, such as (ALICE) heavy lead(Pb) ions. These experiment create hyper-density plasma luminosities, and this is where the really unknown phenomena can exist! The risk of unknown outcomes lie here! This set of experiments, are within the decade (2009-2019) of pre-planned precision energy upgrades. Everything is conditional upon financing($), for these forward looking operations! The public concerns range from: (MBH) Blackholes, Expanded Quantum Wormholes (My favorite), Time-Distortions (second favorite), Strangelet Transitions (not likely), and let’s not forget to mention, Complete Protonic Reversal! Even to this minute, the scientists are not sure about the potential outcomes! Stephen Hawking is unsure, in regard to ‘Hawking Radiation’, and it’s affect upon the dissipation of (MBH) Blackholes! The scientific community is still further uncertain about the complete design of the ‘Standard Model’, and this is what the entire LHC is based/built upon! It will take these experiments, to confirm their theoretical mathematic representation of the ‘Standard Model’! The underlying search, that is the driving force, behind the entire project-set, are: Nuclear Fusion, Plasma Fusion, Higg Particle, Supersymmetric Particles, Multi-Dimensions (Parallel Universe/Multiverse), Time (Understanding and Control), and completion of the ‘Standard Model’ design; within the Multi-Dimensional, Superstring Unified Field Theory, Con-Struct! These discoveries are intended to be applied, to ALL BRANCHES of science and technology, and communications efforts! Three prime examples: #1). Astrophysics: to answer the Accelerating Universe questions! #2). Nuclear Fusion: to meet our future world, desperate energy needs! #3). Communications: The GRID; fiber-optic, light generated information, traveling anywhere at the speed of light! AND MANY MORE!!! Despite the LSAG ‘safety report’ being expedited for public consumption, and riddled full of inconsistencies, there is still hope for progress! It is conceivable, that these discoveries could open the doors, to future Interstellar Spaceflight, and oh yes, Time-Travel! We must understand the risks by learning, and then exercise our right to voice an opinion, within the public debate forum! Risk potential v/s Unimaginable outgrowth potential, and assess. In this comment, I am neither for, nor against; however, these are some of the general facts involved, and nothing more!!! P.S.: I sincerely hope you share this with a friend.

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