Whitepaper: Fantastic Voyage Through a French Fry

Simon See sent me this interesting white paper about modeling, HPC and food industry. The paper describes how applied mathematics and simulation (using HPC) can be used to design a better french fry:
“The food industry offers a surprisingly rich variety of interesting problems to applied mathematicians: coffee brewing, chocolate manufacturing, mechanical and chemical processing (mixing, leavening, extruding) of dough, and the drying, freezing, boiling, baking, roasting, emulsifying, bottling, and wrapping of a wide variety of foods. The list is impressively long, and the fact that enormous amounts of money move all these processes along is not a minor detail.

Mathematicians have made valuable contributions to the modeling and optimisation of some of these processes. Among them is one of the most challenging areas in the food industry: frying, which combines mechanics, thermodynamics, and chemistry, along with medicine and dietology. Food engineers have studied frying rather deeply because of its economic importance, but mathematicians have looked into the subject only very recently and, so far, with a limited target: the frying of not-too-thin bodies with sufficiently compact texture by immersion in hot edible oils.
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