NFS Moves Into a Parallel Universe

Drew Robb writes that the network file system (NFS) protocol is getting its biggest overhaul in more than a decade:
Version 4.1 of NFS, developed by a team of veterans from various storage interests, promises to unlock new performance and security capabilities, particularly for enterprise data centers. NFS was originally designed to solve the problem of remote access to home directories and supporting diskless workstations and servers over local area networks. With the advent of cheaper high-performance computing in the form of Linux compute clusters, multi-core processors and blades, the demands for higher performance file access have risen sharply. It’s no wonder that a protocol designed for 1984 speeds would be unable to cope.
“NFS is getting pressure from clustered file systems like Lustre and GPFS, as well as custom file systems produced by Web 2.0 service providers such as Google GFS,” said Mike Eisler, senior technical director at NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP).”
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One Response to NFS Moves Into a Parallel Universe

  1. sleepyweasel says:

    Seems a shame when they don’t talk about the company that originally developed the protocol and their implementation of NFSv4.1/pNFS in the article.

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