YouTube: AMD Powers Lifelike Animation

With the technology demonstrated in this video, I’m thinking that visualization has taken a major step forward.
“The woman above is not real. I mean, she was real once, when real actress Emily O’Brien provided Image Metrics (you know their work from GTAIV) with 35 facial poses in front of a pair of digital cameras. From there, O’Brien was dismissed so the animators could go to work. Apparently “ninety per cent of the work is convincing people that the eyes are real.” And the results—while not always perfect—are pretty extraordinary.” Full Story
You can also check out Sun’s advanced visualization solutions.

About Rich
FlexRex began his life as a cartoon character I created a Sun Microsystems. As the world's first "fictional blogger," he appeared in numerous parody films that made fun of the whole work-from-home thing. Somewhere along the line, the Sun IT department adopted FlexRex as their spokesman in a half-dozen security awareness films for employees. So when I left Sun recently, I started FlexRex Communications, a Marketing company in Portland, Oregon.

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