Dedicated Servers or Grid Computing?

Is the grid computing model finally getting traction in commercial markets in the form of Cloud Computing? The HostingNews takes a look:
“So why aren’t all applications and websites simply converting over to grid computing? The answers are numerous and in some cases complex. There are companies that don’t want to be bothered by the migration and switching costs of moving operations to grid computing. New systems and vendors mean additional overhead in switching billing, moving data, and working out start up bugs that smooth running websites simply don’t want to tolerate for the marginal savings. There is also the learning curve as system administrators learn the skills needed to manage the grid computing systems versus the dedicated servers that they are used to and well-skilled in. Ultimately, there is simply the ‘tried and true’ system of dedicated servers that has yet to be outdone by grid computing. However, this is not necessarily the fault of grid computing – but simply a byproduct of the massive scalability of the system.” Full Story


About Rich
FlexRex began his life as a cartoon character I created a Sun Microsystems. As the world's first "fictional blogger," he appeared in numerous parody films that made fun of the whole work-from-home thing. Somewhere along the line, the Sun IT department adopted FlexRex as their spokesman in a half-dozen security awareness films for employees. So when I left Sun recently, I started FlexRex Communications, a Marketing company in Portland, Oregon.

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