Solaris & Linux: Say Hello to Sun HPC ClusterTools 8.0

Kuldip Oberoi writes:
The growing popularity of High Performance Computing (HPC) environments, which are based on supercomputers and computer clusters, is being driven not only by (P)erformance, but also by the (P)roductivity in using these environments. In addition to the expansion in traditional scientific and engineering market segments, HPC is being adopted in Enterprise IT segments, such as Finance and Business Intelligence.
With its AMD x86, Intel x86, and Sun UltraSPARC-based servers, Sun continues to be a leader on the hardware side. However, as a systems company, we are also investing into software and now offer complete HPC software stacks on both Solaris and Linux OSs. For developers, the freely available Sun Studio compilers and tools offers up record-setting C, C++, and Fortran compilers, support for MPI and OpenMP development, performance analysis tools, and optimized math routines (e.g. LAPACK, BLAS, etc.). Central to this HPC stack is a high-performance, scalable, MPI (Message Passing Interface) runtime. MPI is the dominant communication paradigm for parallel applications written for clusters.
Today we are announcing the availability of Sun HPC ClusterTools 8.0, which now supports Linux distributions as well as Solaris and OpenSolaris OSs, and has the following highlights:
Based on the open source Open MPI project, version 1.3
For the first time, available and supported on Linux (RHEL 4&5, SLES 9&10) as well as Solaris 10 OS
Available with the next OpenSolaris OS release
Supported with Sun Studio compilers and tools and GNU/gcc toolchains on both Solaris and Linux OSs
MPI profiling support with Sun Studio Analyzer, plus support for VampirTrace and MPI PERUSE
Infiniband multi-rail support
Mellanox ConnectX Inifiniband support
DTrace provider support on Solaris
Enhanced performance and scalability, including processor affinity support
Support for InifiBand, GbE, 10GbE, and Myrinet interconnect
With available Sun support options, download a free, and unrestricted, copy of Sun HPC ClusterTools 8.0 today!


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