Benchmark: Blazing-Fast Sun Fire x4450 on GigaSpaces XAP Platform

GigaSpaces, Sun and Intel have recently completed a joint project to test extreme scalability with XAP on Sun Fire X4450 multi-core servers using Intel Xeon 7460 processors (4 CPUs with six cores each). The results of the latest Sun Fire benchmark are definitely worth a mention:
* 1.8 million read ops/sec and 1.1 million write/take ops/sec using 30 threads (XAP running collocated).
* 1 ms latency including H/A (replication to in-memory backup) for a remote write operation. 0.4 ms latency excluding H/A.
* Pet Clinic (Web App) Benchmark – 16,223 pages/sec with 6 ms latency, 5000 concurrent users (extrapolated)
* Credit Risk HPC Benchmark – near-linear scalability up to 32 concurrent workers, calculating 4096 portfolios in 100 seconds.
This is part of a series of benchmarks testing XAP’s scalability on multi-core platforms (Sun UltraSPARC T1, Sun T5240, Azul Vega 3). Full Story


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