Solid State Drives: Change in a Flash

John West at HPC Wire talks with Sun’s Michael Cornwell on SSD innovations for high performance computing:

“Flash-based SSDs have many inherent advantages over spinning disks for storage that make them attractive to system architects. In addition to being dense and relatively cool there are no moving parts and, unlike hard disk drives, flash-based SSDs can support between 10 and 20 operations at the same time, making them inherently parallel devices. Flash storage also typically has at least three orders of magnitude lower latency than traditional spinning drives (microseconds versus milliseconds). Sun’s Cornwell says that, as an example, Sun’s recently announced SSD offers “thousands of IOPS, which is much greater than the 300 or so you can get from traditional hard disk drives.” SSDs also offer substantial power savings, consuming an order of magnitude less power than hard disk drives. Full Story


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