Announcing Flex Rex Communications

Did you ever see that Matrix movie where the guy has to pick the Blue Pill or the Red Pill? That’s pretty much what happened to me when Oracle announced it was buying Sun last year. I waited nine months to see what color I got and then I got flushed.

But this is all good, you see, because my instinctive need to eat has resulted in the birth of Flex Rex Communications, a creative marketing agency. Named after a cartoon character I created to make fun of flex officing, this new company will naturally be run out of my home in Portland, Oregon.

So what will this company do, exactly? I’m positioning myself as a Marketing “Swiss Army Knife,” which means I can get most any job done, but I can’t be taken on an airplane.

Flex Rex Capabilities:

  • Writing: create marketing collateral, video scripts, news stories, and web sites. Proficient at creating value propositions for the Enterprise and High Performance Computing
  • Social Media: develop comprehensive corporate social media strategies and compelling content
  • Marketing program management: Develop Go-to-market campaigns and newsletters
  • Video Production: produce, write, and edit corporate video
  • Event Management: coordinate technical teams and produce customer events

So please keep Flex Rex Communications in mind the next time you want to be successful at something and still have fun doing it. The experts agree; Flex Rex Communications is Marketing that Inspires Business.


About Rich
FlexRex began his life as a cartoon character I created a Sun Microsystems. As the world's first "fictional blogger," he appeared in numerous parody films that made fun of the whole work-from-home thing. Somewhere along the line, the Sun IT department adopted FlexRex as their spokesman in a half-dozen security awareness films for employees. So when I left Sun recently, I started FlexRex Communications, a Marketing company in Portland, Oregon.

One Response to Announcing Flex Rex Communications

  1. laurentbridenne says:

    Loved the flex rex animations. Good luck!

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