Print ‘n Fly – Custom City Guides for Your Next Trade Show

We are pleased to announce an all new way to get your message to trade show attendees — Print ‘n Fly City Guides are in-flight magazines that we custom-tailor for your trade show audience.

So far, we have published four of these Guides:

Today’s conference goers are always connected with the Internet and mobile devices, but what happens when they get on a plane? They get cut off from the outside world for hours at time.

This is your opportunity:

  • What if you provided conference attendees with a magazine that was designed just for them and their destination?
  • Better yet, what if your company had an exclusive on the ads in this document?
  • And what if you didn’t have to go to the expense of printing thousands of copies?


If this sounds good to you, please take a look at our first product, the insideHPC Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC10 New Orleans.

We designed this 29-page Guide to be an in-flight magazine custom tailored for your journey to the Big Easy at the SC10 conference.

As a destination city, New Orleans has much to offer in the way of sights, food, and entertainment, but the one thing I’ve always been most impressed with is the hospitality of this great town. And when we asked a couple of residents for their recommendations, they went above and beyond with great tips for a fabulous week.

We hope that you find Print ‘n Fly useful. Besides entertainment guides, we’ve included a great reprinted article from The Exascale Report as well as a science fiction story that takes place at a Supercomputing Conference in the year 2030.

If you like the Print ‘n Fly guide, please share it with your friends and colleagues with this easy URL:

Enjoy the ride!

– Rich Brueckner, President, insideHPC


  • TRANSPORTATION AND SAFETY Airport shuttles,cab numbers, and walking. Plus, safety tips for the newcomer.
  • FEATURE ARTICLE Exascale: The Beginning
  • of the great HPC disruption. By: Mike Bernhardt,Sr Investigative Reporter, -The Exscale Report-
  • INTERVIEW: Gilad Shainer on growing Your business and HPC’s New Center for Excellence
  • LOCALS GUIDE Comprehensive guide to help Keep you out of tourist traps and experience The best of New Orleans cuisine
  • FOOD AND NIGHTLIFE Everything you need to know uptown to downtown; Vegetarian and southern foods, Bars, beer, wine, and bourbon. By Tom Connor
  • EXTRAS Great massages and barely legal Cigars
  • FICTION The Three Magi of Katrina (starts on page 22!) By Rich Brueckner

Finally, if you’d like to develop or sponsor a Print ‘n Fly document for your next trade show, check out our web site at or email us at

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insideHPC Joins Flex Rex Communications

We recently announced that insideHPC, a leading online news publication for High Performance Computing, was acquired by Rich Brueckner. As part of Flex Rex Communications, insideHPC, LLC will continue to publish the latest news on High Performance Computing. With over 700.000 page views per month, insideHPC is one of the best ways to get your products and services noticed by the HPC community.

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