The Dude abides with Zen and Tron Legacy

I’m not really a Tron fanatic or anything, but I really enjoyed this interview with Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman.


Sun Constellation System on Blogtalk Radio

A recent Sun Blogtalk Radio podcast describes enhancements to the Sun Constellation System.

Inside HPC Launches Green HPC Podcast

Our friends at Inside HPC have launched a Green HPC podcast series:

“In the inaugural episode of the Green HPC podcast series we will examine the issues that datacenter managers and system designers are facing with high performance computing systems of all sizes today. Even if you aren’t “green at heart,” there are very practical and compelling reasons why a growing awareness of energy use in your datacenter — how much, where it goes, and what it costs you — is critical to your success.” Listen to Podcast or just read the transcript.

Video: Performance Tuning – An Introduction to Parallel Programming

In order to help developers and engineers meet the challenges posed by parallel programming, Sun Microsystems is offering a series of seminars called “An Introduction to Parallel Programming” discussing parallel programming as a fundamental of application development. In this episode, Sun’s Ruud van der Pas kicks things off with a presentation on performance tuning.
For more information on HPC Application Development, check out this helpful Developer Resource page.

Video: Upgrading to Sun Grid Engine 6.2 While Keeping the Old Cluster

In this video, Lubomir Petrik demonstrates how to upgrade to Sun Grid Engine 6.2 while keeping your old cluster.

HPC Radio Podcast: Game-changing Storage Technologies for HPC

In this episode of Radio HPC, Tony Warner and guests talk about why storage is so important to achieving real productivity gains in high performance computing.
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Video: Monitoring I/O Performance on Lustre – LUG 2009

In this video, Andrew Uselton, NERSC, presents on monitoring I/O Performance on Lustre. Recorded at the Lustre User Group 2009 in Sausalito. Download for iPod
More LUG presentations are available at You can also download a whitepaper on how the Lustre Storage System eliminates HPC performance bottlenecks.