“I’ve known Rich for many years and finally had the chance to work with him in 2009 when he served as the Social Media Director for the SC09 Communications Committee. Rich played a significant role – and his counsel, creativity, and hard work in bringing an active social media program to the SC conference series for the first time – has been applauded by everyone who interacted with him. Rich’s skill of artfully integrating the use of both social and rich media into our marketing outreach was a significant factor in helping to produce the most successful SC conference ever.” February 21, 2010

Mike Bernhardt , Communications Chair , SC09

“Rich is a master at getting a message across to customers (or, any audience really!) via events. Whether its live events, like tradeshows or user group meetings, or virtual get-togethers, like online webcasts and videos, Rich makes it a unique and relevant experience for his audience. Rich is also highly skilled at managing very large projects down to the last details, as proven by the outstanding work he’s done for Sun in managing our presence at the Supercomputing and ISC shows (among others.) On top of this, Rich is also one of the most creative marketing thinkers I’ve ever met — give him a marketing challenge, and he will find an easy, yet creative way to solve it. Rich is a rare find, and could be a top performer for any company looking for a mix of events experience, communications expertise, and creativity.” February 23, 2010

Amy Thompson , Director, Marketing , Sun Microsystems

“Rich was the face of High Performance Computing for Sun Microsystems the entire time I have known him. He is the one who got people moving, got people involved, and got people interested in the Sun had to offer. Rich’s attention to detail made Sun’s presence at any event memorable, and he rocked Sun’s participation in recent Supercomputing events, as well as the follow-up after event marketing. He is dedicated and hard working, and is the the most visible force in any room. He was able to communicate on technical matters, but knew when it was time to punt to someone else, and did so elegantly. You never feel like you don’t have his attention, even though he is virtually vibrating with enthusiasm. I would recommend Rich to anyone looking to create a market for a product using the new tools that are available.” February 22, 2010

Arnie Miles , Middleware Architect , Georgetown University

“It’s hard to imagine not working with Rich on a SuperComputing booth. His leadership in organizing, coordinating, and executing the event for us has been second to none. He is able to sort through all the chaos and activity with 100+ employees and partners, and hundreds of customers, get everything running smoothly, all while maintaining an extremely high level of professionalism and (more importantly) good cheer. When SuperComputing is not in the works, Rich’s proactive attention to detail has been instrumental in our outreach to HPC customers not familiar with Sun. He has a keen understanding of the market, and intuitively understands customer needs. His ability to keep current on trends and know their value has been essential.” February 2, 2010

Wayne Vieira , HPC/Visualization Architect , Sun Microsystems, Inc.

“During my 25 years in the IT industry, I’ve never encountered a trade show/event strategist and implementer who’s better than Rich Brueckner, and no one I’ve met equals his understanding of the technical possibilities for making a company’s trade shows/events truly stand out from the crowd. Rich is very technically proficient, extremely creative, easy to work with, and unflappable in the face of the inevitable surprises that arise at events. He knows that the purpose of events is not just to “look good,” but to accomplish specific goals, and he’s very quick to identify and communicate these strategic possibilities. And because Rich has a great manner with customers, even difficult ones, he inspires confidence not just in the domain of trade shows and events — although that’s his speciality — but in any situation where close colllaboration with customers, partners or internal departments is needed. Rich is really a jack-of-many-trades who can confidently be deployed on complex, difficult assignments in the U.S. or in any of the many other world geographies where he’s operated successfully. He’s adept as supervising people and managing large projects. I recommend him without reservation.” February 22, 2010

Steve Conway , Sr. Director, corporate communications , Cray Research, Inc.

“Rich is a talented communicator across all media. This talent, along with many years’ experience in the technolgy field and a driving work ethic make him highly valuable as a communications professional. He also is a joy to work with. I would recommend Rich without hesitation.” February 21, 2010

Vicky Frank , Manager, Customer and Salesforce Communications , Cray Research Inc.

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